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Outdoor umbrellas aren't just about creating shade. They're about extending an outdoor space beyond closed walls. Shadowspec umbrellas for residential and commercial enjoyment.

Shadowspec’s range of premium outdoor umbrellas cater to almost every type of shade requirement. From domestic to commercial umbrella installations; from centre pole to side pole designs, from permanent to portable requirements, from ground-mounted to wall mounted options, the possibilities and solutions available for outdoor shade and sun protection are all there and more.

Our shade umbrellas are installed across the globe in all manner of situations and locations. Top quality, unique designs and outstanding after-sales service ensures Shadowspec umbrellas are one of the leading brands worldwide.

These umbrella systems overcome the common issues with traditional outdoor umbrella designs with:

  • Simple, external sliding systems without internal cables

  • Designed without internal moving parts

  • Effortless gas-lift assisted deployment, replacing winding crank handles

Shadowspec’s patented, global award-winning, effortless ‘sliding movement’ design utilising gas-lift technology for opening and closing the umbrellas is extremely simple, unbelievably easy and virtually effortless.

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