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Welcome To Pacific Shade Sails

About Pacific Shade Sails

  Pacific Shade Sails is a family owned company that was founded in 2006 by Patrick and Erika Pierce  The company was started as a new concept for outdoor shading. Using products that had originated from Australia and still brand new to the US market at that time.  We knew there was a need for these products here in the US and reached out to some of the most qualified companies in the industry to teach us everything we needed to know to get started. As the years went on, we discovered more products were needed for our customers. This included adding products such as different types of shade structures, as well as umbrellas and retractable shade solutions.

  The materials we chose for our shade solutions are the best in the industry, most are CA fire marshal approved with a 10-15 year UV warranty. We pay very close attention to detail, with the type of thread used as well as hardware. Our goal is to provide quality service as well as quality products with all of the items we sell.


  We are now considered Outdoor Weather Management Specialists, this is a new concept on outdoor spaces. We are able to take most spaces and make them comfortable and usable all year round in most locations. With the use of shade, shelter, heating and cooling this makes it possible. We start with a consultation with the client, find out what they would like to do with the space, and make it more functional for them. Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces in our opinion. If you don’t make them comfortable, you won’t use them.


  Some of our clients consist of high end restaurants, as we provide products for many of them all over the country. We have built a strong relationship with these restaurants and they rely on us to fulfill their need to create comfort for their guests. Some of our clients consist of simple home owners looking for solutions that are Extraordinary, not ordinary. We have been featured on Diy Network, HGTV, as well as Sacramento Magazine and Outdoor Galore Magazine.


  Our future looks bright as long as the sun is shining. We are growing leaps and bounds each year and as our name spreads, we continue to expand and add new people to our team and network with other companies that can help complete the entire project. We will never compromise on quality, and we strive to carry products from countries that also make quality, such as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Germany. A lot of our products are made here in America, and we pride ourselves on helping our economy grow.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it gives you some insight about our company.


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