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Pacific Shade Sails designs & fabricates all of our own custom shade strutures. They are made with 1/8” to
1/4” steel beams. While most of our structures are made with beams of 5” x 5” or 6” x 6”
diameter, we can do as small as 4” x 4” and larger.

There is no area too big, or too small for us to make a structure for. We take each individual
space and create a design to map out each structure. After that each structure is fabricated
& welded at the Pacific Shade Sails location in Rancho Cordova, California. Once fabricated,
we take it to get each individual piece powder coated.

All structures can be bolted down to concrete slabs or footings, or they can be suspended in
the air with Skylift Roof Jacks. Each structure can have any of the Pacific Shade Sails products
incorporated into the design, such as, Glide Shades, Weave Shade, or Shade Panels as well as shade sails.

 Our structures and Shade Products incorporated into the design are all made to be easily maintained.

As we are designing your new structure, we like to take into consideration how you might want to best utilize the space with adding addition items such as outdoor heating,
cooling, lights, speakers or TV’s. This part of the planning process is important to discuss in advance to insure you can either install it now or later. 

We can also integrate a new product called Skylift Hardware. The benefit to this is it allows the structure to take up less space with minimal, if any, posts and you will receive maximum amount of shade.

Made in America.png
Structure with Shade Panels
Structure with sail
3 Legged structure
Check out more on the Skylift hardware we use
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