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We're taking shopping for a high quality shade sail and hardware to a whole new level. Here you will find several sizes and shapes of our standard size sails as well as hardware.

When you invest in a shade sail – quality matters. Low prices are no use if the things you buy don’t last, so we are here to ensure your return on investment is maximized. The fabrics used for our Shade Sails may not be the cheapest on the market, but they do have the best guarantees in the industry and will last for much longer than alternatives that are available.

Sail Pole II

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Product Details

Sail Pole II: This variable height shade pole combines design and functionality.

Silver, Anthracite or Bronze – Aluminum – Fully Adjustable Slider – 9.5ft tall – Up to 360 sq ft

This aluminum shade pole is the first technical pole ever developed for shade sails.

Sail Pole II: the kit with adjustable variable height pole for shade sails contains:

  • 1 adjustable aluminum pole with a height of 114 inches (9.5 feet), dimensions 4.8x2.7 inches and thickness 0.1 inch
  • 1 ground plate to be anchored by dowels to be chosen according to the ground
  • 1 Muscle x3 Kit for tensioning and fixing 1 sail corner
  • 1 slider with eyelet in Zinc plated steel with 'Easy Variable Height'
  • Accessories worth already included
    • Robust steel base plate with a thickness of 0.4 inches (or rotating wall clamps)
    • Muscle x3 kit for fastening and tensioning made of stainless steel, rope color "silver"
    • Small parts and accessories for assembly (except threaded rods)

Notice: This product is designed for residential use.

Important: For sails with sizes over 350 square feet we recommend the use of the rear bracing system.

The profile of this shade sail pole has been created to perfectly match the elegant lines drawn by the sun sails. Despite this, functionality was the real engine in product development: the idea was immediately to be able to attach more sails to the front and more sails (or accessories) to the rear.

Today it will be enough to insert two cursors in the lanes with which it is equipped to reach the goal. The cursor will then tighten and we can firmly 'fix' the sails at the desired height.
Here, in this way, we can effectively protect ourselves from the low sun on the horizon, we can create a steep slope to drain the water, we can be free to orient the sail as much as we like or as it is useful to us.

The sturdy aluminum profile was created to support all this: both the internal and external design, the thicknesses and the material have created a pole solely equipped to do all this. This sturdiness has also been increased to have an anchorage that is not absolutely flexible: poles that flex in fact decrease the tension of the fabric and therefore affect both the wind resistance and the drainage of the rainwater, putting us at risk of forming pockets of central water.

Another big advantage of aluminum is that it is completely resistant to salt and rust: it will therefore be a durable product. Sail Mast II is supplied complete with accessories (except the dowels) that are used to attach the pole to the sail, bases or wall collars are inside the package and you don't need to worry about anything! All these features make Sail Pole II the best pole for shading sails on the market!

The pole is available with 75° or 90° base plate.

Or with 90° wall collars, for the vertical fixing on walls.

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