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SkySpan Sizes & Models

Sunset Range |functional & appealing 

The Sunset Range is one of Skyspan's most popular ranges of umbrellas.  These retractable umbrellas are engineered to withstand winds of up to 75mph when opened and 93mph when retracted.  The brilliance of this range is that in high winds or ominous weather, the umbrellas can be retracted in moments; so easy a small child could do it.  The unique gearing mechanism concealed inside the umbrella column allows the umbrellas to be retracted effortlessly and smoothly with a removable handle; many cafes and restaurants will benefit from these exceptional retractable umbrellas.

Sunset Shapes and Sizes:
• Square: 10ft., 12ft., 13ft.
• Hexagon: 14ft., 16ft., 18ft.
• Rectangle: 10ft. x 13ft.

Horizon Range |stunning & practical

Skyspan's non-retractable Horizon range umbrellas are engineered and manufactured using state of the art materials that provide strength, elegance, and durability.  The combination of structural grade aluminum frames with translucent architectural grade PVDF skins, suitable for the harshest of conditions and wind rated up to 75mph, makes the Horizon umbrella truly unique.  This non-retractable commercial umbrella is ideal for any outdoor application requiring shade and weather protection.

Vista Range |open spaces

The Vista cantilever range is a solid and strong commercial umbrella with one distinct advantage: no center post.  For covering swimming pools, spas, and much more; look no further than this model.  Made from structure steel and powder coated with a zinc primer and your choice of color, they are wind rated to 75 mph.  Like the Sunset range, they are fully retractable; however, they can also pivot 360 degrees using our optional pivot base.  The rotating base is perfect for utilizing the shade at varying times of the day or for covering more than one area.

Vista Shapes and Sizes:
• Square: 10ft., 12ft., 13ft., 16ft.
• Hexagon: 14ft., 16ft., 18ft.
• Rectangle: 10ft. x 13ft.
Horizon  Shapes and Sizes:
• Square: 10ft., 12ft., 13ft.
• Hexagon: 14ft., 16ft., 18ft.
• Rectangle: 10ft. x 13ft.

Hypar |innovative and stylish

Ideal for shading pools and guest areas. The Hypar umbrella provides shade with a new and unique look. Hypar umbrellas feature a low profile canopy that will not obstruct your view. Also available in a cantilever model.


Hypar Sizes: 13’, 16’ 20’

Wavecrest |sleek & efficient

This sleek style is ideal for driving ranges, vehicle protection, walkways, pool seating and bleachers. The possibilities for this products are endless.


Standard size 20’ x 20’ | Can connect many to make a longer structure

We offer Accessories such as heaters, cooling, lights and winter covers

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